Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Three Scoops, Please! ♡

        Urban Outfitters- Cardigan, Bloomingdale's- Tube Dress, Sondra Roberts- Shoulder bag, 
        Jessica Simpson- Sunglasses, New York & Company- Sandals
On a warm summer evening, you may find yourself needing to take a break and get yourself an ice cream cone.  Actually, even if you don't NEED to, do it anyway!  We have a great, old-fashioned ice cream parlor right in our neighborhood, and now I know why people are so nostalgic for them -- because they're so cute and so much fun.  So what if you're having dessert just before going to dinner?  Your only problem will be what yummy flavor to make sure they give you a lot of little samples! =)

This side-trip to the ice-cream shop was proof that simple things often give you the greatest pleasures. Simple fashion choices are often the smartest, too.  The tube dress clings comfortably, the bag is a perfect match with the dress, the light cardi moves with the breeze, and...well, grey goes with everything, doesn't it?  And I love the sandals!  Oh, and the ice cream?  It was so good, even the cow couldn't resist!  =)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Evening Stroll ♡

       Abercrombie & Fitch- Dress, House of Harlow- Sunglasses, Romeo & Juliet Couture- Cross body bag,
      Kelly & Katie- Sandals, Essie's nail polish in chubby cheeks.
How many places in your own neighborhood do you drive by all the time without ever really looking at them?  Sometimes it's not a bad idea to leave the car parked somewhere and just go exploring those places -- especially if you're going out for a walk after dinner anyway.  Burn off a couple of those calories as the heat of the day begins to subside, and discover a few of those beautiful local sights you've been missing.  Sometimes, I just have to stop, sit and take in the splendor of the early summer evening, like inhaling the scent of fresh flowers.  But I can't sit still for long;  who knows what little visual wonders await me right around the next bend?  I just have to remember where I parked!  =)

Friday, June 15, 2012

The "Rights" of Spring ♡

     Chloe- Sunglasses, Top- T.J. Maxx, F21- skinny belt, Banana Republic- Pants, Jewelry- BCBG MaxAzria- watch,  
    Pandora charms- bracelet, Dooney & Bourke- Bag

When springtime arrives, Mother Nature puts away her drab winter greys and browns...and so do I.  It's time to step out into the warm sunshine and join in the bright promise of re-emerging life -- in greens and violets and creams.  And break out the short sleeves and open-toe shoes again!  (The green watch is the real deal-maker.)  The spring air just invites you to celebrate;  how can you turn that invitation down?  =)

Waiting for the Train to Come ♡

     7 For All Mankind- Jeans, Gap- Top, Nine West- Wedge, Jewelry- Pandora charms & Silpada, 
    Michael Kors-Wristlet Purse, Chloe- Sunglasses, Essie nail polish- mint candy apple

You're going someplace fun and you don't want to miss the train, so you arrive early...and then you wait.  So you might as well be comfortable as you sit, and pace, and look up the tracks, and sit again.  Traveling light not only means the clutch instead of the big bag, but light clothing that lets your body breathe and maybe catch a little breeze, too.  And you'll be glad you remembered to take your "sunnies".  Not only that, but...  Oh, wait, there's the train -- gotta go!  =)

A Rainy Sunday ♡

     Just Ginger- Gray wrap sweater, Gap- Jeans, Gucci- Hobo bag, Jaclyn Smith- Leopard pumps, 
     London Fog- Black tartan umbrella

Yes, it's raining, and I wanted it to be sunny to take pictures with these beautiful trees and their white spring blossoms on our local lake as a backdrop.  But does that mean I'm stuck indoors?  Of course not -- I just found other ways to enjoy what I was given.  Like the cozy sensation of listening to the gentle patter of raindrops on the fabric of the umbrella right over my head.  The rust-orange pants and leopard shoes definitely livened up this grey day.  And no bad weather is going to get through my sweater wrap and dampen my spirits!  The sun may be hidden, but my sunny outlook won't be "rained out."  It just goes to show that a beautiful day is really just a state of mind, isn't it?  =)

Color Me Grey ♡

     Hollister- Top, F21- Skinny belt, Hollister- Skirt, Anne Klein- Tights, Steve Madden- Lace up suede chunky boots in gray,
     Tory Burch- Purse

Is it springtime yet?  I can't wait -- it's soooooo close!  Okay, maybe it IS a bit too early to break out the bright reds and blues and greens;  just color me grey.  But I'm not completely giving in to the idea that it's still winter and I have to dress like it.  Let's break out something cute, like the little skirt or the suede boots.  Or how about both?  A sweater instead of a coat, too;  why only go half-way?  If you're having enough fun, the party comes to maybe I can tempt spring into starting early after all!  =)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Always a Kid at Heart ♡

     Madewell- Sweatshirt, Gap- Skinny Jeans, Aldo- Sunglasses, Minicci- Scarf, Restricted- Oxford   Shoes, J.Crew- Tote
     Essie's nail polish- Turquoise & Caicos

 The world wants you to act like "an adult" all the time...but where's the fun in that??  Never lose the kid in you -- that's where all your enthusiasm and sense of wonder comes from.  Go with the pink pants and the cute shoes and the funny tote.  Wear your hair in a ponytail.  Splash a little bright color around with your accessories. (I love this scarf for that very reason!)  Do a little running around and playing.  Who deserves to have a little fun more than you??  The little kid inside me loves to get out in the fresh air every now and then.  I just have to make sure she comes home in time for supper!  =)