Thursday, June 14, 2012

Always a Kid at Heart ♡

     Madewell- Sweatshirt, Gap- Skinny Jeans, Aldo- Sunglasses, Minicci- Scarf, Restricted- Oxford   Shoes, J.Crew- Tote
     Essie's nail polish- Turquoise & Caicos

 The world wants you to act like "an adult" all the time...but where's the fun in that??  Never lose the kid in you -- that's where all your enthusiasm and sense of wonder comes from.  Go with the pink pants and the cute shoes and the funny tote.  Wear your hair in a ponytail.  Splash a little bright color around with your accessories. (I love this scarf for that very reason!)  Do a little running around and playing.  Who deserves to have a little fun more than you??  The little kid inside me loves to get out in the fresh air every now and then.  I just have to make sure she comes home in time for supper!  =)

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